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A lip lift can rejuvenate an elongated lip, creating a more youthful appearance and beautifully complementing procedures like facelift. At Synergi Facial Surgery, Robert Cristel, MD, expertly performs lip lifts to help restore your facial symmetry and achieve the look you want. Dr. Cristel has two West St. Louis County offices in Chesterfield and Chesterfield Valley and a St. Charles County office in O’Fallon, Missouri, so book your appointment online or call the nearest office to learn more about lip lift today.

Lip Lift Q&A

What is a lip lift?

 A lip lift is a cosmetic surgery that shortens the upper lip. During this procedure, your Synergi Facial Surgery surgeon typically removes a bullhorn-shaped section of skin from underneath your nostrils.

They discard that skin and reposition the skin under your nose, which shortens and lifts the upper lip. A lip lift can make your upper lip look fuller and better defined because it enhances the appearance of the upper lip border. 

When might I want a lip lift?

The most common reason patients have lip lifts is the natural elongation of the upper lip as they age. This normal process leads to the upper lip covering more and more of the teeth, and the lips also thin as you age. Elongation and volume loss lead to an older, less-refreshed look around the mouth and lower face.

But lip lifts aren’t restricted to older patients. Some people aren’t happy with their natural facial symmetry. For example, you might still be young but wish for a more balanced smile that shows more of your teeth. 

Can a lip lift combine with a facelift?

Yes. In fact, lip lifts and facelifts are a natural pairing because they can combine to revitalize the entire bottom two-thirds of the face. Many facelifts include additional procedures, from lip lifts to brow lifts, eye lifts, and other procedures that refine other parts of the face. 

How does a lip lift compare to lip fillers?

The two procedures have different goals. A lip lift is a long-term solution for upper lip elongation, and it also helps your upper lip look slightly fuller.

Dermal fillers like Juvederm® and Restylane® do a great job of adding temporary volume to the lips, so they can achieve significant fullness but can’t actually shorten your lip. 

So, if your main concern is lip elongation, fillers aren’t the best choice because they’ll make the upper lip heavier and may push it out to make it look longer. If you have a long upper lip and opt for a lip lift but would still like some extra volume afterward, you can supplement with fillers.

If you’re interested in lifting and revitalizing your lips for a more youthful appearance, reach out to Synergi Facial Surgery by phone or click the online appointment form today.